6 tips to earn money from YouTube

6 tips to earn money from YouTube
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YouTube is a real treasure for everyone who is looking to improve their material life, and at the same time wants to have fun through their work.
Working through YouTube, if used properly, will be better than traditional jobs in terms of revenue first and enjoyment of work second.

Some may understand that working in Internet marketing in general, or working as an advertising partner for YouTube, is just a fantasy or something like luck.

This is of course because many use YouTube, and do not know how its marketing and profitability system work.
YouTube is one of the easiest areas on the Internet to profit in the long run.

If you create a channel and it is successful, it can bring you income on a daily and monthly basis to a long time.
But not everyone who tries to profit from YouTube actually achieves results,  every game has its rules that you have to master well in order to win.

YouTube also as a way to profit from the Internet has its own rules to get success.
In this article, I will show you a set of these success rules.
Which if you follow it will make you very close to success in making a profit from YouTube.

6 tips for anyone who wants to succeed in profit from YouTube

1- Choose a channel idea that has a good demand

Target a domain that can be viewed and followed by as many users as possible.
Make your videos viewable more than once, and make them suitable for more than one age group.

Some target areas like news or things like that, but this news or video is viewed once by each person, and it can only last for a few days.

But if you search for it two months later, for example, you will find it, but as old news.
When the event ended, the search stopped and the views stopped.

But if you target a field of research and from more than one age group, the video will be there for the longest period of time, and it will get continuous and increasing views over time.

2- Description and image of your YouTube channel, as well as linking it to social networking sites

One of the most important features of any YouTube channel is its image and description.
Because if the visitor saw the channel and the picture attracted his attention, it will be preserved in his memory. And he will pass it again after he subscribes to it, of course.

And also the description of the channel enables it to appear in the first ranks of the YouTube search engine.
As for social networking links, it is very important for visitors to follow the channel's renewed content through these links.
This, of course, will be one of the influencing factors to attract visitors.

3- Try to make videos longer than 15 minutes

Yes, this type of video is the most important of all, because it enables you to place more than one advertisement on the video, and thus earn more.

The more minutes a video has, the more ads we will place. This point is absent from many of those who work on YouTube, as they put videos that do not exceed two minutes and are waiting for a big profit.

This point is one of the most important points to focus on, while choosing the videos that will be placed on the channel.
But what I would like to point out here, that you avoid making verbiage or artificial lengthening, is your way to get long videos.

4- The image and title of each video in your channel is one of the most important points ever

If you see a picture that attracts the eye with an attractive name for the video, curiosity will surely make you open the video to see what's inside. This is what is required for the thumbnail of the video to be chosen very carefully, and to be very attractive.

Also, the title of the video should be catchy.

With this, you will achieve this equation successfully, which is a distinctive name and a distinctive image = curiosity for the visitor, entering the video and bringing views and profits.

5- Keywords and description of the YouTube video

The main factor for raising the video to search engines and occupying the first ranks is SEO.
And the internal SEO of YouTube is focused on the title, keywords and description.

If keywords are chosen carefully and accurately, and are related to the content in the video, and have a good search rate, I will guarantee you to reach the first ranks on YouTube.
Also, the internal description of the video is very, very important.

Focus on describing the content of the video very carefully in order to gain power in the internal SEO of YouTube.
And the video that these factors are applied to, will make you reach the search engines simply and easily.

6- The quality of the videos on your YouTube channel

One of the most important factors that determine the ranking of videos in search results, is the quality of the video.
If your video has a good level of efficiency in picture and sound.

Thus, it has the largest share in the search results, compared to similar videos that are less efficient.
If you focus on these points while creating your YouTube channel, and your choice of videos.
You will see the desired results of this work