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Changes to the second image when hovering on the product card Version for 2.3.x before installing to open the tested on the default template when setting up on other templates will work with a probability of 90-95%, setting a simple look at the module code.

On the official website of the opencard Answers to frequent questions:

What's hidden in the module?

It does not have a single file that can harm both the store already operating and any file on the server.

Why would you do that?

Initially free because it is either that part of the paid projects that did not suit the customer, but I liked. Either the amount of knowledge or forces invested in them can not be adequately assessed, because they are laid out simply as a kind of "advertising of oneself beloved." Or made in your spare time just by the fan to raise the mood, keep fit,etc., etc.

Posting on third-party resources is allowed in any form, only with the authorship, even if the module has been heavily redesigned. Any changes to "requests" are made separately, for a fee approved by TK.

Found a problem/bug/abshub, what to do?

Contact here or in a message/commentary on this site. Within 24 hours we will answer, thank, reward or prompt a solution to the problem.

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