All Video Share Pro v3.6.1 - video gallery for Joomla

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All Video Share Pro v3.6.1 - video gallery for Joomla
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Download free All Video Share Pro v3.6.1 - video gallery for Joomla.

A complete and flexible video sharing solution for Joomla with a wide range of features. Your videos and ads play quickly and beautifully on all devices. The ability to upload a video with your logo and picture category. Adding youTube videos, not just as a link, but also from your computer...


Supports both HTML5 and FLASH.

Support for all major versions of Joomla!

Support for adaptive patterns.

The ability to upload a video with your logo.

Adding video as a link as well
as the same from your computer managing different media formats that can work: flv, mp4, 3g2, 3gp, aac, f4b, f4p, f4v, m4a, m4v, mov (h.264), sdp, vp6.

Flexible options for adding videos either by simply providing a video URL (or) using the LOAD method.

Streaming methods such as RTMP and Lighttpd.

CDN streaming like Amazon Cloudfront, Highwinds SMIL and Bitgravity Streaming.

The categorization of the video.

The ability to download your users with a personal editing cabinet.

Browser and gallery modules.

Content Player Plugin for articles.

Comment options for Facebook and Komento.

Create an external component interface with a built-in CSS UI field.

Translated and SEF compatible.

Turn on (or) disable auto-definition for uploaded videos.

Options to control the size of sketches in both the module and the component.

Override the width and height properties of the player in the module and plug-in.

Added a search engine for video search (functions based on the category name, video title and keywords/tags added to the video administrator).

Similar videos inside the player.

The ability to turn unwanted video types on/off for the Download section to the foreground.

The ability to create subcatologists.

Breadcrumbs support.

The ability to add a title and description to the player module.

Custom meta-keywords and meta-description for categories and videos.

A layout of one and more videos in the menu manager.

The ability to play the latest and most popular video with the player module.

The thumbnail option is made as an optional, and the default image will be added while the field is empty.

The ability to set both videos and categories as public or registered.

JComments integration. It can be configured through a common configuration panel.

The ability to show custom videos.

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