EasyDiscuss PRO v4.1.21 - a modern forum for Joomla

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EasyDiscuss PRO v4.1.21 - a modern forum for Joomla
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Download free EasyDiscuss PRO v4.1.21 - a modern forum for Joomla.

EasyDiscuss PRO is a flexible extension to create a forum on Joomla. The component is suitable for different versions of Joomla and has a set of different modules and plug-ins.

Demo: https://stackideas.com/easydiscuss EasyDiscuss PRO is best for sites where users may have some questions about the site's operations, products on its pages, or on your business.

It is also worth placing such a component where communication of visitors is one of the key aspects of the site and will potentially attract the attention of additional audiences.

With a completely versatile design and flexible setting, this Joomla extension can be installed on almost any

site. The main features of this component from the user point of view will be ease of use and visibility. The list of topics on the forum is not just headlines, but has a small card for each top card containing detailed information. It can include a title, information about the author, a brief description of the essence of the topic, detailed statistics on the number of views, responses and ratings of the topic, the date of creation and the category to which it belongs. All topics are subject to additional sorting - by date, popularity, number of responses, etc. The EasyDiscuss component integrates an email subscription and rss feed to alert users to changes in individual branches and tostets. Topics and posts posted on the forum can be added by visitors to bookmarks or favorites. In the future, their list can be found in a personal profile.

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EasyDiscuss PRO v4.1.21