How to become a successful YouTuber (10 tips that will put you first)

How to become a successful YouTuber (10 tips that will put you first)
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How to become a successful YouTuber is a question that many people ask these days, and it is really a question that deserves to be asked in depth, not every YouTube channel owner is a successful YouTuber, and not everyone who can even make profits from YouTube is a successful YouTuber.
Also, you won't become a successful YouTuber just by uploading a video to YouTube, and getting a bunch of views!

In this article, I will put in your hands a set of points that make the difference between a successful and professional YouTuber, and anyone else who is amateur or focused on profiting from YouTube in twisted ways.

So if your idea of ​​working as a YouTube publisher is to steal other people's videos, edit them and post them again, I advise you not to read this article.

This article is written specifically for every young Arab ambition who wants to become a successful YouTuber by offering something worth the time of viewers.

To become a successful YouTuber, follow these tips

1- Study well the laws and conditions of use of YouTube and avoid breaking them

You are wondering how to become a successful YouTuber, and this means that you would like to continue on this platform, and strive to achieve more success and development. Of course this is wonderful. My first advice to you is to start reading YouTube's usage policies, study them well, and avoid breaking them under any circumstances.

It is very simple, a YouTube publisher is like someone who wants to live in a new country, wants to have a family and thrive and grow in this country, and this of course requires him to study and understand the laws of this country and avoid breaking them, in order to ensure his survival in this country.

Despite the simplicity and intuitiveness of this point, many people YouTube publishers do not take it into account, and this makes them stumble a lot on the road, and often wake up to unpleasant news such as: the deletion of videos and the closure of channels by the YouTube administration.

It is no wonder that you see the most topics raised by people in forums or on social media about how to bypass the property rights of others, re-use others' videos, how to restore deleted videos or channels, search for fake viewer programs...etc.

Just two days ago, I received a message from one of my followers, in which he wants my opinion on one of the tricky ways to get fake YouTube views, and the thing that made me laugh is that he calls his method “the idea of ​​​​creating a small business.”

Perhaps my words are frustrating to some, but this is the truth that you have to deal with, in any case, I am here not addressing this topic to everyone, but I am addressing it only to those who seriously wonder how to become a YouTuber? The first rule is: that the real YouTuber who wants to succeed on YouTube must respect the terms, policies and laws of YouTube.

Below is one of the great videos produced by Google itself, which will give you an excellent idea of ​​Google's policies towards content on all its platforms in general, and on YouTube in particular. I advise you to watch this video now, then keep reading.

Note: The video is in English, but by activating the translation and explanation feature, you will be able to get an Arabic translation of the video.

Of course, the video will give you an excellent idea of ​​YouTube's policies in just two minutes, but this is not enough, in order to become a professional YouTuber, you must read all the terms of YouTube's policies and safety, through the link below.

2- Learn from YouTube's own sources

Let's agree on something very intuitive, which is that YouTube is a profit-oriented site, its main goal is to achieve the highest rate of profits, and to achieve the highest rate of profits, it needs more users, and to attract more users, it needs more good and attractive videos.

What is the main source for uploading videos on YouTube? Of course they are the publishers and you are supposed to be one of them, or plan to be.
The more successful and professional YouTubers there are (who provide good, valuable, and attractive content), the more profit YouTube can make.

Based on all this, it is clear that YouTube is the site most interested in you as a YouTuber, and the site most keen on your growth, development and success.
This is not theoretical, YouTube has a special platform to serve to educate and develop content creators, and make them more successful, this platform is called YouTube Creator Academy.

Of course, this does not conflict at all with constantly following the winners, and seeing the topics he presents on YouTube.

3- Know your audience well

In fact, many treat this point as if it is achieved automatically according to the content that is presented. Whoever talks on his channel about food recipes is intuitively targeting those who are looking for recipes for food. This is why many people are not interested in knowing the audience more deeply.

In fact, knowing the audience is more than just providing content that interests some people on YouTube, so a deep understanding of the audience makes a big difference between professional YouTubers, and others who are floundering.

It is worth noting here that defining the audience should be done in general when choosing the idea of ​​the channel and the nature of the target audience for it, and it should also be done in particular when making each new video.

Here are some key points to keep in mind to understand the nature of your audience:

Having fun versus learning and getting things done
Is the person you are directing your videos to someone looking for entertainment, or for doing something like learning something new, or knowing certain information? Of course, this will affect the length of the video, the way it is displayed, etc.

Females vs. Males
Is your target audience female, or male? You have to keep in mind that the female sees the world differently than the male!

Average ages
What is the average age of your target audience, and how will this affect how you view your video.

Purpose of watching
Every time you post a new video, ask yourself what the point of watching is. Let's assume here that you have a YouTube channel about travel and tourism, then you can ask yourself:
does the target audience in this video just want to know some information about a country, or does he want to make a comparison between two tourist countries, or has he already made the decision and wants to start making reservations?
Understanding the purpose of audience viewing, will make you more professional and confident in providing the right content.

Of course, there are other factors, but I do not want to prolong it more, and the important thing here is to remember the conclusion, which is to understand your audience well so that you can provide the content that serves it professionally.

4- Take quality as your motto

Always make your logo quality, because the quality of your videos is the first determinant on which your success as a YouTuber depends. Don't skimp on investing any time, effort, or money into making your channel's content more quality.
Quality here includes 4 main axes:

Quality of content
Yes, in our Arab region, low-quality videos still have a share of views, but this will not last long, due to the entry of new competitors who can provide more quality content.

It is worth noting here that quality does not mean specialization in the scientific and cultural fields, but even comedy videos can become more quality, as long as they are performed in a more professional and respectful manner for the audience.

Image quality
You have to make every effort and use every outside help, whether people or tools, to get your videos out in the best possible quality in terms of image purity, lighting control ... etc.

This sound quality
is a point that many beginner YouTubers neglect or ignore. The sound element is just as important as the picture element. You have to take care of recording the audio in high quality and at an appropriate level so that it becomes clear and pure for your audience.

The quality of the montage The
quality of the production is the element without which everything would be useless. You can put in a lot of effort, shoot, and produce great content, but that wouldn't be complete without getting this video out in the best possible shape.

5- Learn the basics of optimization in search engines (YouTube SEO)

It is well known that YouTube, in addition to being a social networking site specialized in videos, is also a search engine, and it ranks second after Google as the largest search engine on the Internet.
In order to get natural visitors to your videos through YouTube, you must learn the basics of YouTube SEO .

It is worth noting here that Google has recently shown a lot of videos in the search results, and this means that by improving the SEO of your videos, you will get views through Google as well.

These are the most important points that you should pay attention to in order to improve your videos for search engines:

1- Keywords

Creating videos based on search rates for specific keywords is the first step to getting visitors naturally. The higher the search rate for a keyword, the stronger the incentive to make a video about it to get natural views (this, of course, taking into account the level of competition).

I will assume here that you already own a YouTube channel already, and this channel is specialized in a field, let it be according to our previous example of travel and tourism.

In this case, what is the criterion that makes you think that making a video about the antiquities of Egypt is first and more important than making a video about the resorts of Sharm El Sheikh? Most of the novice YouTubers rely on the frequency of ideas randomly and thoughtlessly.

But a successful YouTuber should plan content according to search rates, which reflect how much users are interested in certain topics as opposed to others.

I would like to quickly draw attention to two very important points here:

The first point: that creating videos based on the search rate on keywords is very important under any circumstances, even in the case of intense competition for the keyword and the difficulty of reaching the first results with it, there is still an advantage that your channel contains videos that the audience is interested in, and when this audience reaches your channel Any other way he will find content he is interested in and search for.

It is worth noting that to avoid the point of strong competition for general keywords, you can work on targeting long-tail keywords. Assuming the same example as our previous example of the tourism and travel channel, you can, instead of targeting the keyword “Egypt’s antiquities,” target the word “Pharaonic Egypt’s antiquities in the city of Aswan.”

The second point: There is another strategy - other than targeting keywords with high search rates - that enables you to get views from search engines YouTube and Google, which is targeting popular topics at a specific time (Trends).

To find out the search rate for any keyword you can use one of these two tools:

Google Keyword Planner

These are the most important places that you must put the keyword in the video, in order for it to be ready to appear in the search results for this word:

The title of the video
must be expressive of the content of the video, be attractive and attract attention, and most important of all, it must contain the target keyword.

Video Description The video 
description is a very important element that works along with the title of the video. Write an accurate description of your videos with the most important words and phrases used in the search. Pay special attention to the first three lines of the video description.

Your video should contain the most important tags that express it and the content in it, which of course should contain the keyword, but avoid putting tags that are not compatible with the content of the video.

The video itself State
the keyword clearly in your video, but avoid making it look contrived and alienate the viewer. For example, you will talk in one of the videos about “the cheapest and good hotels in Turkey.” It is normal that you will mention the keyword at the beginning of the video and during the video more than once. Therefore, it only takes some intelligence from you to write the video script, and to employ the mention of the keyword in a thoughtful way.

2- Video quality

Do not forget that we are still here talking about optimizing your videos for search engines as one of the points in answering the question “How to become a YouTuber?”, We talked above about the keyword factor in detail, and this is the second factor, which is the quality of the video.

We have already talked about quality above and addressed it as an independent point and a very important factor in the path of your success as a YouTuber. So here I will only note that YouTube now has all the capabilities to measure the level of image and audio quality for each video that is included in the platform, and it intuitively wants to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for its users.

Based on this, do not expect that your video will appear in search results if its quality is poor.

2- Interact with the video

Let's agree that a giant like YouTube, with all its artificial intelligence , software and technology capabilities, will not be fooled by showing your video in search results only because it contains the keyword being searched for, so it closely monitors how the audience interacts with your channel and what it contains Videos.

These are the most important audience engagement indicators that indicate the quality or lack of quality of your channel and videos:

The number of subscribers to the channel, the
greater the number of subscribers to the channel, the more this is an indicator of its quality, but the channel’s field and level of specialization, and then the size of the target audience is taken into account. A channel for an international singer is different from a channel for teaching graphic design arts. The age of the channel is also taken into account.

The number of videos in the channel, the more videos the
channel contains, the more this is an indication of the seriousness of the founder and his desire to continue, and this is taken into account in a positive way, but this indicator is related to the following indicator!

Views per video
The more views your old videos get, the more trust the new videos have, and then the chance of getting natural views, but this indicator is related to the next indicator.

Watch length
You have a 10-minute video that got 10,000 views, and the average watch length is 30 seconds, so this is a negative sign.
You have another video that is 6 minutes long, and it got 6000 views, and the average watch length is 4 minutes, so this is a positive sign.

Likes versus dislikes is a clear point like the sun, the more likes your
videos get, the more positive this is, provided that the number of likes does not exceed a certain percentage.

The number of video viewers who subscribed to the channel during or after watching the video.
Someone watched one of your videos and then subscribed to the channel. This indicates that the video is good, and this prompted the user to subscribe to the channel to get more of these good videos.

Negative Reports and Reports
YouTube thoroughly investigates every report a user makes towards any channel or video. Remember that the first point to answer the question of how to become a successful YouTuber was “Study carefully the laws and terms of use of YouTube and avoid breaking them.”

I think you can add more to this list, but I'll make do with that.

6- Make every video on your channel aim to help your audience with something

Helping others is something that makes us happy and comfortable, but for you as a YouTuber it is not the traditional form of a helping idea. The point at this point is to make there a positive goal behind every video you include in your channel, and this applies to all types of channels, whatever their specialty.

Even comedy channels, every video should have its purpose: to help the audience entertain, laugh and have fun.
You may think that this is an obvious thing, but the truth is that many channel owners fall short of this point.

Their videos contain a lot of filler, sometimes self-centered, and try to get attention without prioritizing the audience's help.

Remember that viewers are smart enough to know that your videos are really meant to help them, or that this is not your top priority. Make helping your viewers the primary goal of every video you post, and you'll get significantly better results.

7- Sustainability and continuity are extremely important

You have to come up with a suitable plan and schedule that you can stick to in posting new content on your YouTube channel. Making a high-quality video for your channel is a great thing, but continuing to put new videos on your channel is even better.

One video per week may be suitable for many, but if you can post more than one video per week, it will help your channel grow faster.
Always get YouTube video ideas , implement them without hesitation and keep producing more and more.

Perhaps at first you will find it difficult to get views, because no one knows you. Also, the process of creating a video will be slow because you are not experienced or experienced at first, and this may frustrate you!

So, you should always put before you that everything will become easier and faster with the passage of time. You will gain experience and skill that will make you produce videos faster, and also your channel will start getting followers over time, making your videos easier to get views over time.

The important thing here is to keep giving as long as you have something worthy.

8- Learn from other YouTubers, but avoid that it affects your uniqueness

Reputable competitors and publishers in your niche are a great opportunity to learn and you should make the best of it. Competitors are a great source of inspiration to get ideas for new videos for your channel, and to borrow some techniques in filming and directing.

But remember well not to get too involved in what others are doing, so you will make the mistake of imitating them and lose your identity, and become

just a copy of another

Open to other people's ideas, but be unique and add your touch, so that the results will come and have what distinguishes others, but it is unique and different from any other YouTuber

Also, collaborating with other YouTubers will greatly facilitate your path to success. At first, you don't have to try to collaborate with big whales or even competitors, but you can find opportunities to collaborate with channels, which are not in your channel's niche but have a connection between the two of them

The collaboration here takes a lot of pictures, including:

Make a video joint with a prominent YouTuber (you can get this opportunity by highlighting an item that others need).

Agree with a channel to suggest one of your videos to their audience, and in return you do that too.

Agreeing with one of the channels to publish one of your videos on their pages on social networking sites, and you in return do that too.

There are a lot of other ideas that can be used, in order to benefit from the effectiveness of collaborating with another YouTuber.

9- You must market your videos

Creating quality, original, and valuable content that focuses on helping the viewer will not pay off as long as you ignore marketing your videos.

Marketing is an essential component of everything that happens on the Internet. Marketing yourself as a professional YouTuber, through your personal pages on social media, may be one aspect of your marketing efforts.

But you need to expand your marketing efforts even further, perhaps creating pages for your channel on social media, and running some advertising campaigns will give you a starting point.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Also, do not forget that you can make paid ads on YouTube itself, get more paid views, and of course this will greatly help the growth of your channel and inform the audience of what you offer.

10- Learn from the analysis tool provided by YouTube

To access the YouTube Analyzer, follow these steps (assuming you are using YouTube in Arabic):

1- Go to the main YouTube page

2- Make a switch to the account to enter the channel for which you want to get statistics.
You can do this by clicking on the account icon at the top left, then clicking on the switch account option, and choosing the channel you want

3- Click again on the channel icon at the top left, then choose YouTube Studio (beta)

4- Click the Statistics button in the menu on the right.

Through YouTube statistics, you can get to know all the data about your channel. You will find lots of accurate data from which you can make decisions that are critical to your success.

You can measure the performance of each video individually, in terms of the number of new subscribers to the channel, and the number of unsubscribe times. You can also see the source of views, the average number of minutes spent on each video, and a lot of other data.
Through which you can produce new videos that are more efficient and attractive to your channel audience.

In the end, I hope that this topic is really useful to you, and helps you answer the question “How to become a successful YouTuber?”.
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