How to earn $500 per month from PPV companies

How to earn $500 per month from PPV companies
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In this article, I will explain to you how to earn $500 per month, in a guaranteed, continuous, and very easy and simple way.

Only by buying visitors from one place and selling them in another, with a minimum profit margin of $15 per day.

You can make up to a thousand dollars a month, and maybe more.
And this all depends primarily on how much you care, and how you improve the method that I will explain to you now.

?How do I earn $500 a month online

In order to win $500 per month, follow the steps that I will market to you in turn.

1- Get an online payment method

In this method, it is assumed that you will buy visitors from a place and sell them again, and get a profit margin as a difference between the purchase price and the selling price.

Therefore, you must obtain a means of payment for the company or companies that you will purchase visitors from.

If you do not already have a way to pay online, such as a Payoneer card or a Paypal account, do not worry, here we will put you the easiest and best way, to get a good way to pay in the fastest time and in the easiest way.

If you do not have a means of payment, we recommend making a prepaid credit card.
For those who do not know what prepaid cards are, they are credit cards that can be operated through a bank.

It is without any guarantee or bank account with these banks.

Just fill out an application for it, and soon after, you will have it.
Recharge it through the bank's ATM machine, and then you can use it for online payment.

2- Buy RON visitors from one of the PPV companies

For anyone who has no experience with this type of visitor. It is visitors that many PPV companies sell at a very cheap price, as they are not targeted visitors for a specific thing, so they are cheap in price.

It is known that targeting in the purchase of visitors from PPV companies, is through links or keywords, and some companies sell targeted visitors according to specific sectors or categories.

As for the type of visitors we are talking about here, it is not targeted for a specific thing. And often this type of visitors is what remains in PPV companies from the advertisers of these companies.
In short, visitors are leftovers. Hence, the price of this type of visitors is very very low compared to other types of visitors.

Despite the poor quality of this type of visitors, many affiliate marketers achieve good results through it.
This is because of the large number of visitors that you can buy with only $100.

With only $100, you can get more than 15,000 PPV visitors using the RON method.
If you can sell these 15,000 visitors, for more than $100, you are making a profit.
This is simply the idea.

As for the good PPV companies that have this system of visitors, I will include here two of them for you.
This is based on personal experience myself or a close friend of mine.

    I have personal experience with this company and have achieved good results with it before, and the special and good thing about it is that the minimum amount to open an account with it is only $200.
    And of course it has a RON visitors system.
  • I have a friend close to me who has good results with this company. The minimum amount to open an account is $500.
    This company is new to the world of PPV, they have a great support system and of course they have RON.

3- Subscribe to one or more companies through which you will sell visitors

Here I am talking about sites that act as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer in small and medium services.
We are here to single out Fiverr .

All you have to do is to create a service or Gig in these two sites,  and sell visitors to each of the mail to get visitors.
Calculate the visitor price you pay to the PPV company, and add your profit margin to produce the price at which you will sell.

But be sure to balance between getting a good profit, and that your service is unique, and you can compete with others who sell visitors like you.

There is also another, easier and more secure alternative that you can sell visitors through which is the company below: Through your good relationship with your account manager, you can get your own link to send your PPV visitors directly, without Lots of fuss.

The more you improve the quality of PPV visitors by targeting the right countries, the right time for the campaign...etc, the more you will get a profitable return from Revenue Heights.

Here I do not guarantee you that this company, will allow you this type of visitors, which is the direct link.
But what I want to assure you, is that I have a friend who got a direct link from this company to send visitors.
And he was making more than 20 dollars a day, which is the equivalent of 600 dollars a month.

In order for you, too, to get a return of more than $500 per month, follow the steps we mentioned