How to make money from the Internet for beginners with practical steps

How to make money from the Internet for beginners with practical steps
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Unfortunately, many people think that how to profit from the Internet for beginners is difficult or complicated, or that it is restricted to some people or who have money.

The Internet is full of opportunities and possibilities, which suit anyone, regardless of their scientific and practical background, age, gender, or anything else… As long as you can access the Internet, then you can profit from it.

I don't want to bore you with the introduction, but I want you to know the following:

How to profit from the Internet for beginners revolves around knowing the answers to the common questions that come to your mind about the Internet, then identifying the opportunities available on it, then how to choose what suits you from them, then learning from the best sources to start with the way you chose to profit.

This is what I will put in your hands, step by step, away from deception or false or superficial information... which unfortunately is prevalent in many sources.

If this is your first time in the winners, I want you to know that we provide only reliable information honestly and truthfully in light of our personal experience in a practical and simple way.

I'll let you check it out for yourself... let's get started and waste no more time.

How to earn money online for beginners

1. Find the answers to frequently asked questions about the Internet

This is a summary of the common questions that revolve in the minds of many beginners in the world of the Internet, which I will answer you in a simple and fast way, and I will put in front of you all the basic tools and information that you will need.

What is the idea of ​​profit from the Internet in general?

I often saw comments such as “I do not know how websites work or how to profit from the Internet? And I don't know what I should do?

And other comments that suggest a lack of understanding of the idea of ​​profit from the Internet in general, although it is very easy and simple.

All methods of profit from the Internet are the same methods of profit from the ground, but the only difference is that dealing between people is online, and some tools are also used that make this transaction easier.

Let me give you some real-world examples and then show you the opposite online:

  • Are there people who sell different products in big malls, shops, or even on the streets?
  • Are there not people who work for commission (brokers - sales representatives - and others)... so that they take a small percentage for each customer or from each sale made through them.
  • Are there no advertising institutions that own the rights to advertising banners and banners - which you see on roadsides everywhere - that they rent to advertisers and marketers to promote their services and products.
  • There are no professional companies and individuals in various fields (design - technicians - programmers - accountants - and many others) that anyone can ask for their help for a specified fee.

This is the same as what happens online:

  • Instead of malls, there are large electronic stores (Souk - Noon - Jumia), and shops are replaced by electronic stores that anyone can own. And people who sell on the streets and among their friends and acquaintances… they can do the same by marketing through social media .

  • Field marketing commission on the Internet works the same principles employed sales representatives and brokers.
  • Street banners are the same as the ads you see here on this page, or the ads you see on YouTube. Site and channel owners can rent ad space to advertisers and marketers for a fee - exactly like real-world advertising companies.

  • The field of freelancing is the use of specialists to help any person to perform a certain task, and the same is what happens on the ground.

All the difference, as I mentioned, is that the transaction is done via the Internet, using technological tools that make the follow-up, monitoring and receipt of funds easier and simpler.

At the same time, the volume of dealing itself is larger, the mall may only accommodate 100,000 people per day, but electronic stores can enter millions of people per day.

And calculating commissions instead of being done manually… In the case of profit from the Internet, it is done through an accurate system that uses online tracking tools so that companies are sure of completing sales, and so that the marketer knows all the details of his account for a moment.

The same applies to advertising… There are large companies that provide advertising services (such as Google and Facebook), as well as owners of websites, YouTube channels, podcasts, and others that provide such services.

This is the idea of ​​profit from the Internet in general… Do not worry, I will tell you everything about the methods I mentioned earlier, and many more, and how to start in any one of them.

How do I receive my earnings from the Internet?

This is the most frequent question on the lips of every beginner who wants to profit from the Internet... In fact, many think about how to receive profits before they even think about the method they will rely on for profit.

There are many ways to receive profits such as:

  • bank accounts.
  • Reliance on electronic banks such as ( Paypal - Payoneer ).
  • Remittances.
  • Smart wallets (Fawry - Vodafone Cash - and others).

Complete with me these quick points that represent an obstacle for you and for many beginners.

How do I track the results (profits - sales) I achieved on the Internet?

There are many platforms that make it easy for you to monitor everything you do online, for example:

  • All profitable platforms such as Google Adsense, Amazon or freelance platforms provide you with a dashboard with accurate data on your daily and weekly earnings, and sometimes hourly reports as well.
  • Facebook gives page owners an analytics platform (Facebook Insights) so they know everything that happened on their page, the number of new followers, and the amount of interaction with posts.
  • YouTube does the same with channel owners.
  • There are affiliate marketing platforms that make it easy for you to track commissions and how successful you are in marketing.
  • Advertising companies offer great platforms - such as Google Ads - for marketers and advertisers to monitor the money they are spending and the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

And don't worry about this either... All these platforms and others will learn easily and on time, and I will also recommend many resources to help you with that.

What are the fastest ways to profit from the Internet?

This is the most question about how to profit from the Internet for beginners. I do not like to hear it, because whoever asks him often will not make any profit from the Internet unless he changes his way of thinking.

It is true that there are faster ways than others to profit from the Internet… but I do not want you to think this way, and I know very well what you are thinking now.

I know that maybe you have some family or social circumstances that push you to get the money faster...believe me I was in your place not so long ago.

That's why I searched and tried a lot of ways and listened to a lot of people on the internet - who then found out that they are scammers, and only care about making money illegally.

That's why I want you to know that the fastest ways to profit from the Internet are the ways that suit you... and I don't want you to worry, I'll tell you dozens of ways and ideas.

I will tell you how to choose the method that is right for you, your personality, and your capabilities in a practical way later.

The most important thing now that you have answered the most important frequently asked questions on your mind... is to put in your hands the practical information you need.

2. Learn about online opportunities

You may have heard before about some different ways to profit from the Internet, such as: profit from Adsense, or profit from drop shipping, and other various sources on the Internet.

    This will open your eyes to what is available.

    3. Learn the main concepts of profit from the Internet in any field

    Whatever field you choose to profit from the Internet, you will have to know before it a set of terms and concepts such as:

    • Niche
    • Targeting
    • Conversion Rate

    4. Learn about the best ways to profit from the Internet for beginners (according to the experience and expertise of the winners team)

    Before I tell you some of the methods we generally recommend for beginners, I want you to know the following:

    • The best ways to profit are the ones that suit you, your nature and your passion.
    • The best ways to earn are based on a skill, not just an idea.
    • Any skill, passion, experience, knowledge or life experience can be a reason for profit from the Internet.

    And if you are interested in learning and developing yourself from the Internet, or you have a passion for identifying skills that can make you profit in more than one way, then you should take the next step ??.

    5. Rely on the best online learning resources

    There are many skills required in the online job market, and if you master one of them, you will find many opportunities to profit from the Internet.

    Perhaps you already have a passion for one of these skills, and you want to learn it or want an incentive to start learning a new skill… Whatever your situation, I strongly advise you to look at the following resources.

    First: A guide to the most important fields required in the online labor market 2021 (we are working on preparing this guide and it will be available soon in the winners, so we follow up constantly).

    In this guide, you will learn about the most important jobs or skills required in the online labor market, from which you can earn through:

    • Freelance work.
    • Get a job in a lot of companies looking for these skills.
    • Profit from the various previous methods (e-commerce - content creation of all kinds) faster and more professionally.
    • Profit from selling various digital products.

    I think that you now have an arsenal of scientific weapons that will make you triumph in the world of profit from the Internet, and overcome any obstacle that stands in your way.

    6. Hire professionals if you need to

    This step is ignored by many who are looking for how to profit from the Internet for beginners, as there are those who think that they have to do everything themselves or that they have to learn everything.

    Let's say, for example, that you want to start earning from YouTube, and you want to design a channel logo, or design a simple, professional intro for your channel.

    You do not need to learn new skills or a new program to do this, especially if you are a beginner, it is enough for you to focus on identifying video ideas and making a video professionally .

    All you have to do is hire a professional or a specialist in the manufacture of logos or web design - which will cost you a very small amount - to implement what you want.

    7. Get started now and don't waste time

    The last step is to get started… A lot of people who read and research do nothing of what they are learning, which is very unfortunate and sad… Don't be like them.

    Go ahead and don't be slow...and remember you don't need to be perfect, it's true that I told you:

    • Many ways and ideas to profit from the Internet.
    • How to choose the method that suits you best.
    • The most important sources and information you need.

    But this does not mean that you have to choose only one field or method without which you will fail… you may choose a method now and discover that it does not suit you later.

    No problem, start in something else, or maybe you are like me starting in a field and then discovering your true passion that you didn't know yet... No problem at all with that either.

    All the information I have told you will shorten the way for you as much as possible… but you still need to go this way yourself.

    The important thing is to be better every day than before, to learn something new, and to be a person who constantly learns and develops from himself in a practical way.

    I wish you success and success from the bottom of my heart... If you have any question, feel free to leave it to us in the comments.

    If you feel that this article is useful and worth your time, why not share it with others so that the benefit will prevail?