Kw Flycart 6 in 1 for Opencart

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Kw Flycart 6 in 1 for Opencart
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Download the Free Module Pop-up Basket Kwcart 6 in 1 for Opencart.

Kw Flycart Opencart 2.x is a multifunctional module that can't even list its capabilities. The best basket module of its kind. Info:

the basket in the pop-up floating widget Kw Flycart (picture with counter) flight goods to the basket (animation) basket in a separate block on the page (for example, in the sidebar) pop-up with a choice of product options notifying the customer about ordering a pop-up-laying "Continue shopping" or "Go to the shopping cart"

Built-in Flight of Goods feature in the Opencart 2

Cart Installation module of the pop-up basket Kw Flycart:

Install the module through the admin (OCMOD Extension Installation) or unpack the archive and transfer the contents of the upload folder to the site If your template is not default, then you need to copy the kw_flycart.tpl file from catalog/view/theme/default/template/module/ to the same folder of your template Turn on the module in the Admin in the Modules section Go to module settings and turn it on (on top of the top there is a tumbler) Bring the module to the right positions/pages through the admin in the Design/Makeup section, for example, enter the module to the Main, Category

free download :