RSFirewall v3.0.5 - Joomla security component

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RSFirewall v3.0.5 - Joomla security component
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Download free RSFirewall! v3.0.5 - Joomla security component.

RSFirewall - Has become available for download component irreplaceable and most advanced security and control service for Joomla! The extension allows you to make protection against hacking Joomla, effectively reflect all modern intrusions and hacker attacks. The component makes protection with the help of XSS, LFI and sqL filters, monitoring new files and accounts on the site, automatically correcting access rights to files and folders, having an active system scanner of the site and admin, tracking attacks through a system log with the ability to block ip or region, correcting the database and blocking the site.


Features and benefits:

-Protects the site from attacks through the S'L, XSS and LFI filters

- Significantly increases the security of your site

-Trackers of hacking attempts

- Protects the password folder administrator

- Blocks password attempts

- Prohibits changing settings, installing new add-ons, creating new admin accounts

- Checks the database

- Monitors the availability of updates

free download :

RSFirewall! v2.12.5



RSFirewall! v3.0.5