Smart Slider 3 PRO v3.4.1.9 - slider for Joomla

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Smart Slider 3 PRO v3.4.1.9 - slider for Joomla
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Download free Smart Slider 3 PRO v3.4.1.9 - slider for Joomla.

Smart Slider 3 PRO is more than just a module. It includes a layer editor and visual designer tools. You don't have to think about the technical aspects anymore, because drag-drop technology has made it easier.

Demos: b's set includes more than 700 Google titles.

It makes it easy to change the style of writing and design. If you're good at SSS, the developers have left the option of advanced font management with the help of code.

The layer designer provides unlimited opportunities to give a dynamic to your slideshow.

Choose from 40 types of animation, user behavior and time in one click. Experiment with the design of your slideshow with a set of multiple types of controls.

You can create a presentation from scratch or use more than 100 preset and customized templates.

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Smart Slider 3 PRO v3.4.1.9



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