UniXML Pro v5.9 - XML unloading module in any marketplace

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UniXML Pro v5.9 - XML unloading module in any marketplace
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Download for free UniXML Pro v5.9 - XML download module in any marketplace.

The UniXMLPro module is a versatile solution for creating shipments in XML format in any marketplace or place that accepts store goods.

Unloading in rozetka.com.ua (outlet) Unloading in the hotline (Hotline)
Unloading in price.ua (Price)
Unloading in nadavi (Nadavi)
Unloading in google merchant (Google merchant)
Unloading in prom.ua
(PROM) Unloading in the
yandex market (Yandex Market) Unloading
into cdek (SDEK) Goodes)
Unloading in mobilluck (Mobilak)
Unloading in
allo.ua (Allo) Unloading in fotos.ua
(f.ua) Unloading in privat (Privat
Market) Unloading
in joom unloading in olx
(yet unclear with them) Unloading in beru.ru (Beru) - attention, take the requirements changed to the feed, in the development process, until the unloading on the take is working.

Unloading in kidstaff (Kiddstaff)
Unloading in bigl
(BIGL) Unloading in froot (FRUT)
Unloading in regmarkets
(Regmarkets) Unloading in besplatka (Bes Loading)
Unloading in
skidochnik.com.ua (Skidnik) Unloading in
metamarket.ua (Metamarket) Unloading in facebook
in vcene (In price) Unloading
in obyava (Ob'Unload in
ekatalog (E-catalogue) Unloading
in dom.by
Unloading in zakupkimos Unloading in Yandex
turbo Unloading
in salidzini

Unloading in tiu
Unloading in price.ru
Unloading in tomas.by Unloading
in kaspi
Unloading in auto.ru Unload in drom

What's the function of the module you ask:
It's not encoded ioncube
Secure and optimized code, every little thing calculated, the request to the base goes taking away only the necessary fields. Everything is carefully thought out.

Very flexible settings. Unloading can be done any and any store, even if it is heavily remodeled and the base is twisted.

You can prescribe your code to collect any data from the database or your conditions of unloading prices from and to or unloading from certain warehouses. Anything. Customize can
fully Excellent documentation In it initially optimized code which works well with large stores. For example, in a store with more than 50,000 items, an unloading generates a 170MB file in 70 seconds. This is given that there are a lot of auto-replacements and generations in the module settings. Initially the approach was to make a decision that would work with the box.

Free updates after
purchase forever Fast Premium support in case of issues arise.

Module Capabilities: You can choose the language and currency of unloading You can choose from which field you take id goods.

Or rather that you
put in the id of the product Can specify a mark-up
on the product, you can also make a markup for each category of either percentage or fix number There are a chic functionality custom php code that can be performed in the module when generating. Here the maximum flexibility and you can adjust everything you need. From a markup with a super complex formula to custom substitutions, field withdrawals, or changes in the unloading of a particular product. Anything.

You can make a set-top box to link the product to XML. For example, you can set your UTM tags or GET settings, you can also use variables in such consoles. Very convenient.

You can set the shipping price, price and hour jump for some marketplaces.

There are settings sampling additional fields from the shipping database that greatly enhances the possibilities while maintaining the speed of operation. Extremely useful for heavily
converted stores You can choose from which field the price should fall into the unloading - very convenient if the marketplace has its own price and it is stored in the database.

The module has a setup - number at a time that allows you to dosage the load on the server. Number at a time is the number of goods that is taken from the base in one pass. The unloading itself does not take all the goods, it does it portionly and just with this setting you can change the portion depending on the memory on the server and time limits.

It is possible to specify a link to the main category if you have seopro. This is very useful because the module takes the category of goods that is listed as the main one. If the main categories are not specified then you can put not to be attached and the module itself will try to take away the final category of goods.

In the module, you can set a discharge logging file where there will be information about generation time, RAM consumption, quantity of goods and other interesting data. You can specify anyone's log file. It is very convenient to control the unloading.

The option is binding to the number. If there is no product you can not unload it, but you can not be attached unloading all the goods. You can also choose the status of the product in
the absence of it, where it will be available in XML feed Multiplying goods on options. Very useful functionality that allows you to unload each option of the product as a separate offer. For example, if you have 5 sizes then when you turn this setup will ship 5 items in different sizes instead of one. If 5 sizes and 3 colors then 15 products will be generated. This is a prerequisite for some marketplaces.

Generating product names by pattern. In which you can insert any field from the database (product tables - product_description), the value of the option, any attribute or any value from the product information array. It gives you tremendous flexibility!

The ability to set only certain products/categories or brands to unload. It is also possible to prohibit unloading some goods.

You can choose the Logic of the Sample
Category - Brands (AND --OR) There are opportunities to replace the category name and customize the matching Store Category - Unloading Category. This is extremely useful because some marketplaces require full compliance in category names as on their website. And because of the unloading to change the name of the categories on his site somehow not very. That's why this functionality was made.

You can also set a mark-up and your own tags for each category! It's mega flexible and cool. For example, for the Fridge category, you can set your delivery conditions or any other information that will replace the basic if it was already.

C version 5.9, the value-and-see group functionality was added. Now you can create a group of mark-ups and add goods there, give them a markup. There is a function of importing goods into a group.

The module is as well thought out as possible interface and you can set up which marketplaces in the admin do not display what would be convenient and nothing hurt. It is also possible to filter out market-play countries.

Export/Import Settings allows you to copy the settings of any marketplace on any marketplace or make a backup settings. This is very convenient and safe when setting up the module.

The function of the replacement list is that we change for that. This can cut or replace unnecessary pieces of text in titles, descriptions, brands, characteristics, etc. of data. For example, if the texts have the name of the store then it can be cut or replaced with something else.

Checking for the presence of a photo, you can also set up
a non-binding
to the photo - there is no product image of it you can not unload there are the setting of unloading additional photo unloading attributes, both all and selected. You can also assign matching the names of the Store Attribute - Unloading Attribute. Many marketplaces have requirements to name characteristics just like they do in the market. Often in the store attributes are named quite differently,
but just this functionality all this and corrects the ability to set additional parameters with the function of wilding values from any field of the base (product/product_dscription tables), the value of the option or from the array of information about the product. Of course, you can also prescribe your own text. For example, if you have a warranty in the store in the location field, you can unload it without any code edits, all through the admin. Also added the ability to specify custom tags in XML, which gives you tremendous flexibility.

There is a great opportunity to generate a description of the product also with the substitution of any data. And of course there is a setting for the description generation mode. You can only do generation in products
that do not have their description And of course added a key of protection that would competitors or some bots do not start each time unloading and did not load the store.

You can run the generation on the crown for example once a day at night it will create an xml file that at least every minute will pick up the marketplace without any load on the store.

The module is available for 2x - 2.3 - 3.x version. That is, works on all versions of Opencart.

If some of the settings are not saved add to .htaccess line php_value max_input_vars 20,000
If the v2 page cache module is worth opening the system file/library/v2pagecache.php and after the private $skip line of array (add '#feed/z',
If you swear at price in Opencart 3, download the price folder from the upload folder to the root of the site.

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