Where do whales live?

Where do whales live?
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Where do whales live?

Whales can survive only in the water, and they are considered marine creatures, and they prefer to stay in warm waters ; Which explains the possibility of seeing whales near the beaches in the winter, and whales migrate to other areas in search of warmth; To maintain a suitable temperature for their bodies, and despite the different places where whales live according to their species , most of them settle in the same place for long periods. [1]

Beluga whale habitats

The coastal waters of the Arctic are a major habitat for beluga whales , and they can also be found in subarctic waters. Large swarms of beluga whales migrate south in search of warmth during the seasonal migration; Because of the freezing of water and the death of whales trapped in the ice, in addition to their increased vulnerability to predation by polar bears and killer whales, and hunted and sold by poachers, which makes them vulnerable to extinction. [2] [3]

Blue whale habitats

Blue whales are spread around the world, and they can be found in all oceans except for parts of the Arctic , due to the accumulation of snow most of the year, even in the summer. The North Atlantic region, the North Pacific region, and the southern hemisphere, and it is known that blue whales migrate long distances, and their huge sizes help them survive and endure the lack of food, as the destination of whales varies according to the reasons for migration, heading to areas close to the poles for food, And move towards the tropics when the times of birth. [3] [4]

Bowhead whales live

These whales live in the Arctic Ocean and other oceans near the North Pole all year round without making seasonal migrations to other warmer places, [3] bowhead whales spend the winter near the southern borders of the ice sheets, and when the ice begins to break in the spring they move These whales are towards the north, and bowhead whales can be seen in many bodies of water, including the following: [5]

  • Bering Sea.
  • Chukchi sea.
  • Beaufort Sea.
  • Sea of ​​Okhotsk.
  • Hudson Bay.
  • Baffin Bay.
  • Davis Strait.
  • Fox Basin.

There are several main types of bowhead whales found around the world by the International Whaling Agency, and they are divided into 3 groups, including the following: [5]

  • First group: A small group of a few hundred bowhead whales is found in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and off the island of Spitsbergen.
  • The second group: genetic research, surveys, and studies indicate the presence of thousands of bowhead whales west of Greenland in the Hudson Bay and Fox Basin, and there are also in eastern Canada in Baffin Bay and Davis Strait.
  • The third group: This group is found in American waters, located west of the North Pole. This group is known as the Bering-Chukchi-Beaufort group, and includes about 16,820 to 27,133 bowhead whales.

gray whale habitats

Gray whales are found in the lakes of the state of Baja California in Mexico , for the purpose of mating and giving birth , as they travel a long distance during their migration that extends along the coastline of North America to escape from the cold waters of the Bering Sea to the warmer Baja lakes, and they are also found during the feeding season. In the eastern and western northern regions of the Pacific Ocean, these whales are among the creatures that feed on living creatures in the depths of the Bering Sea and the Chukchi Sea, which are a great distance from the shore, but they can stay in the surface waters near the continental shelf for long periods. [3] [6]

Humpback whale habitats

These whales roam the waters of the world and prefer to stay in the cold waters located at the poles, as these whales live on the coasts of the oceans, and can be seen from time to time swimming near the shore, and even in ports, rivers, and humpback whales migrate in the summer to the poles during the feeding season In winter, they go to the tropics and subtropics for mating. [3] [7]

Where do orcas live?

They are called killer whales, and they take the ports as their home, yet they are found in all oceans , but they prefer to live at a depth of between 20-60 meters, and they can stay in the same habitat throughout the year, yet they can be seen swimming in coastal waters. It can also dive to a depth of 300 meters in search of food. [8]

Minke whales live

Minke whales spread widely in the North Atlantic Ocean in certain seasons, as they are found in the southern regions during the winter, and in the summer they return north towards Spitsbergen and the coast of Norway opposite Iceland known as the Barents Sea, and are also found on the island of Greenland and Newfoundland, as well as minke whales can be seen north of The Pacific Ocean in the summer and spring in many locations, the most important of which are; The Bering Strait, the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, and the Gulf of Alaska. [9]

Minke whales migrate like other large whales , as they head to the tropics in the winter, and migrate towards the frozen poles in the summer, as the minke whale prefers to travel alone from the group, but it can migrate in pairs or groups of 3 whales, and it can be seen on The formation of larger groups, especially in the frozen poles, [9] and there are only two main types of minke whales named according to the region in which they live as follows: [3]

  • Type I: It is the most common type and lives in the North Atlantic Ocean.
  • The second type: the type found in Antarctic waters.

narwhal whales live

The presence of these whales near the Canadian Arctic and the island of Greenland , and migrate during the fall season and winter season and rain away from the frozen coastal waters, and return again when spring and during the summer months when the water is warm, and the migration of narwhals coincides with the movement of ice sheets floating in the waters of the frozen poles As their annual migration in large numbers leads to the seasonal spread of these whales in the ocean waters, their journey is about 1,000 km, and the journey takes about two months. [3] [10]

Sperm whales live

Sperm whales live in all oceans of the world , and the female sperm whale prefers to stay with her young near tropical waters throughout the year, while male sperm whales continue to migrate back and forth from cold water to warmer water during the mating season. [3]


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