Where is the Yellow Sea located?

Where is the Yellow Sea located?
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yellow sea

The Yellow Sea is located between China to the north and west and the Korean Peninsula to the east. It is located in the north of the East China Sea. It forms the entrance to the Pacific Ocean. Its length is about 960 km from north to south and about 700 km from east to west, [1] and its area is The totality is 380,000 square kilometers, and its average depth is 44 meters, while its maximum depth is 152 meters. It extends from the mouth of the Yangtze River in China to Jeju Island in South Korea . [2] The sea is also known as Hwang Hai, and there are several islands, from The most important of them are: Wando Island, Jeju Island, Muido Island, and Pyeongdo Island. The Yellow Sea was named by this name because of the sand carried by the Hwang He River from the Gobi Desert to it; Therefore, its water became a golden yellow color. [3]

yellow sea climate

The climate of the Yellow Sea is generally characterized by cold and dry winter weather. In summer, it is humid and warm. Strong northern monsoon winds blow from late November to March in Bois Hai; And sometimes they are accompanied by strong and dangerous snowstorms, and hurricanes occur in the summer, while in the winter their occurrence is occasional and intermittent, and temperatures in the sea range from 10 to 28 degrees Celsius, and the average rainfall is about 500 mm in the north and 1000 mm in the south. Fog forms along the sea coast, especially in cold water areas. [2]

The economic importance of the Yellow Sea

The Yellow Sea is famous for its fishing areas; Where China, Japan, and Korea have benefited from its fish wealth for several years, despite the increase in the total annual catch, the proportion of Japan's catch has decreased, while the proportion of catch has increased in both China and South Korea, and it is one of the main species caught from the sea. Sea bream, drum fish , shrimp, mackerel, squid and flounder. [2]


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