Who was the first to cross the Pacific Ocean?

Who was the first to cross the Pacific Ocean?
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Ferdinand Magellan was the first to cross the Pacific Ocean

Ferdinand Magellan was the first Portuguese sailor and traveler to cross the Pacific Ocean. Magellan was born in the year 1480 AD and died in 1521 AD, and he is the first to be credited with leading the sailing voyages to cross the world, and Spain secured Magellan to lead the search for the East Indies from the western direction across the Atlantic Ocean, and accordingly, it would be He made the first sea voyage to cross the world, starting from Europe, and crossing the Pacific Ocean. [1]

Journey of discovery

Ferdinand Magellan's voyage began in September of 1519 AD under the banner of Spain, with the participation of five ships, to search for a way to reach the Spice Islands H, also called the Moluccas, but his journey was difficult and long; Where it took about a year, as he lost one of his ships, and in October of the year 1520 AD, Magellan crossed during 38 days a strait on his way to the South Sea, now known as the Strait of Magellan, and this strait brought him to the Pacific Ocean, despite the large size of the sea , and the length of the sailing period in it. , which took four months instead of several days, and despite the lack of supplies, its waters were so calm that Magellan and the sailors called it the Pacific Ocean. [2]

end of the trip

During Magellan's sailing voyage, he and his crew arrived on the island of Cebu, and they stayed there for several weeks, and during that period of their stay they agreed with the local king to ally with him, and to fight on his side against the neighboring island of Mactan, which is what is now the Philippines, and during the fighting Magellan was wounded by a poisoned arrow He was killed, and that was the end of his journey on the 27th of April, 1521 AD. [3]


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